Customisable Career Pages

Recruitment efficiency is reinvented with our AI-powered Customisable Career Pages. A new Career Page in a Flash? With, it’s possible. In a week or less, your fully responsive and seamlessly integrated Career Page will work around the clock to save you time and money on every new hire.


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A Perfect Fit
Fully customisable and perfectly compatible with your company brand and recruitment needs, our pre-designed, AI-powered and bias-free Career Pages are here to help you find relevant candidates at all times.

Leading-edge UX/UI
Our ethical recruitment platform brings you an efficient, accessible and intuitive user interface that reinforces your employer branding at every step of your hiring process and increases application conversion.


Powered by AI
Matching candidates to relevant positions has never been easier! Our AI-powered search engine brings you the best candidates and results based on skills, experience, listing them by relevance and advanced filters (location, salary, etc.). You can now tap into your Internal Talent Pool at any time, saving time to hire and reducing external hiring costs.

Security and Stability
Built with data security & stability at its core, the recruitment solution brings the flexibility and efficiency of Microsoft Azure technologies, offering you the ideal stability (no-downtime) and security (secure API consumers) for your ethical recruitment process.


Seamless Integration
Created by recruitment & data science industry experts, our AI-powered Career Pages seamlessly integrate with your ATS/HRIS, offering a quick and intuitive 3 step application process that streamlines your hiring process and increases your hiring conversion rate.


Privacy & Confidentiality
Providing protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, our ethical AI solution offers a fully secure environment due to encrypted communication, and admin-only access to password-related operations.

A Competitive Edge
Harness the potential of your recruitment process with our Customisable Career Pages, continuously updated and improved to be the best cost-conscious and time-efficient recruitment solution for your company.

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Featuring enhanced security (0Auth framework) and quick multi-region deployment within a week or less, our recruitment platform takes your recruitment efficiency to the next level.

Bridging two or more pieces of software, the API (Application Programming Interface) allows their seamless communications and automation through its interface.
 A 100% GDPR compliant recruitment platform powered by Microsoft Azure technologies.


Our Customisable Career Pages optimally integrate with SF (Success Factors) from SAP, Datacruit, Recruitis, Recrutee, Teamio and other ATS/HRIS.