Internal Job Board

As an essential element of the overall growth of your company, the Internal Job Board leverages your employees’ perfect understanding of your brand and its working environment to fill in open positions within the company that match their acquired skills and abilities.

Bring your employees closer with this invaluable tool to promote career growth, loyalty and satisfaction of your existing employees.


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Employee Loyalty and Engagement
Crucial for engagement, internal recruitment is now more accessible than ever! With the Internal Job Board recruitment solution you can always offer your employees career advancement opportunities in new and relevant job positions that expand their skills and abilities, while benefiting from the stable yet flexible working environment of your brand.

Functionality At Heart
Our fully customizable on-brand and pre-designed pages are ready for your internal candidates to apply to the most relevant job positions. The non-spam Job Alert functionality of our Internal Job Board keeps your employees in the career growth loop at all times and ensures that they never miss out on relevant job opportunities.

The Perfect Match
Easily integrated with your company’s ATS and functioning on your intranet, the Internal Job Board takes time-consuming admin tasks off your hands. The AI-powered job matching algorithm is here to ensure that your internal candidates are always matched with the most relevant career opportunities within your company. With the most suitable candidates at hand at all times, your company’s brand grows stronger every day.

Seamless Internal Candidate Journey
The advanced UX/UI design of the Internal Job Board features a quick an easy application process for your internal candidates, ensuring that they find their dream jobs and relevant career advancement opportunities in no time at all. An efficient, accessible and intuitive UI to reinforce your employer brand and employee satisfaction.

More Features, Less Cost
External hiring and high software integration costs are now a thing of the past. With the Internal Job Board you will always be one step ahead in the recruitment process by accessing internal candidates first, reducing employee hiring processes and enjoying more monthly top features without worrying about high integration costs.

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Reducing In-House Hiring Costs

Reducing your internal and external hiring costs and interview time has never been easier! By accessing the Internal Job Board based on AI-powered job matching algorithm you can now easily auto-match employees to relevant job positions within your company.

Ready for you in a week or less, the internal job board is the perfect match for any company looking to eliminate high software integration costs.


Ethical Recruitment with Microsoft Azure

Using the same advanced AI as the external solutions, the Internal Job Board enables employees to find the most relevant job opportunities within the company and ensure their career advancement. Our 100% GDPR compliant internal recruitment solution is deployed on Microsoft AZURE technologies for increased flexibility and multilayered security in the internal recruitment process. Easily integrated with your ATS and running on your Intranet, the internal job board promotes bias-free, accessible hiring and low software integration costs.