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Our ethical AI-powered free Job Portal brings every candidate closer to their dream jobs with only one click.

The advanced UX/UI design enables an easy resume creation and application to their in 3 easy steps.

Powered by a comprehensive AI-matching engine, the free Job Portal strongly promotes bias-free, inclusive hiring, and accessibility at every step of the hiring process to ensure you find the best candidates at all times.


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One Click Away
Just one click for a CV upload and candidates are one step closer to their dream jobs. Applying to a job position has never been easier and faster than with our free Job Portal.

Relevance First
With no monetary prioritization of job ads, our AI-powered free Job Portal lists job positions by relevance so that candidates can access their dream jobs according to their qualifications. Relevant job positions and best candidates at all times!

Cost Transparency
Built with a cost-conscious approach at heart, our free Job Portal enables you to save money on recruitment by paying only for the candidates’ CVs.


Easy Setup
Access is granted with a one-time, ten-minute setup and job postings are automatically refreshed so your candidates can see fresh listings at all times.

The Power of AI
Our ethical AI job portal ensures the most suitable exposure of your job postings to relevant candidates, enabling you to get a visitor-CV conversion rate of up to 30%.

Stay Connected with Job Alerts
Our non-spam Job Alerts ensure that candidates are always in the dream jobs loop and never miss out on a career opportunity. Fully integrated with your ATS/HRIS, our free job Portal brings seamless advertising and fully eliminates repetitive and tedious recruitment admin tasks.

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Cutting Down on Hiring Cost
With your recruitment costs and budget under constant scrutiny, saving money on hiring is one of the main focuses of our free Job Portal. You can now reduce your cost per hire rates by using our cost-conscious recruitment solution that enables you to pay only for the candidates’ CVs. A one-time, ten-minute setup makes it easy to always have the latest updated listings ready for your candidates. Enable your access now and get only the best candidates!


A Flexible and Compliant Hiring Solution

Optimally integrating with SF from SAP, Datacruit, Recruitis, Teamio, Recruitee and other 45+ ATS and HRIS our 100% GDPR-compliant recruitment solution brings the enhanced flexibility of Microsoft AZURE, to publish job openings from and receive applications directly in system. The seamless communication of the fully documented standardized API enables API consumers to securely use it as a highly stable service.


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