Talent Pool
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With instant access to Talent Pool, your dream candidate will be just one click away!

Our extensive Talent Pool and its advanced ethical AI enable you to find the best candidates at all times, with no tagging and no time lost in the hiring process.

The best talent is now within your reach!

Ethical AI Talent Pool
Regardless of the ATS/HRIS your company is using, you can now find relevant candidates quickly and easily – just type in the job description - due to the advanced ethical AI of our Talent Pool


Time-Efficient Talent Pool
No more losing hundreds of hours on candidate screening! Our time-efficient Talent Pool and AI matching tool with its advanced filters remove the tagging steps from your recruitment tasks ensuring an easy-flowing hiring process.


A Worthwhile Benefit
Did you find CVs with less relevance for your current positions? Don’t worry. You can now direct them all to our CV Pool and enjoy a 60% discount on our services.


Recruitment Effectiveness at Its Best
Enjoy managing your recruitment pipeline with ease using the Talent Pool. Fully customizable CRM pipeline stages allow you to easily categorize applicants and move them from lead, to contacted or in progress.

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Cost matters

Estimated to be three to four times the positions’ salary, Talent Acquisition Cost is more than just a recruitment metric. Talent sourcing, engagement and candidate management have now the most efficient approach through our dream.jobs recruitment platform.

With talent pool at hand, you can reduce Talent Acquisition Cost, investments in external recruitment, as well as your time-to-fill and time-to-hire rates. With instant access granted to the dream.jobs talent pool, you can now enjoy the innovative AI-powered recruitment solution to find your dream candidate in just one click.


We Put Recruitment in the AZURE Cloud

For increased productivity, flexibility and multilayered security, our GDPR compliant innovative dream.jobs solutions are deployed on Microsoft Azure technologies to help you recruit faster and onboard more efficiently.

Adhering to EU Cloud CoC, Microsoft AZURE has demonstrated compliance and alignment with EU GDPR.

What does this bring to your recruitment process?

A 100% GDPR-compliant recruitment solution with a UI ready to request candidate GDPR consent and send it right back to your ATS. Recruitment efficiency reinvented!