How to easily find your dream job?

Looking for a job is actually work in itself. In this article, we will focus on how to make this journey easier and which portals and social networks to choose to get your dream job.

On the Internet today, you will come across traditional job portals that offer candidates to compile CVs and post them for potential employers. Companies then provide space for traditional advertising based on paid placements. But in the case of advertisements, a simple rule applies: the better the place, the higher the price, the more prominent, the more expensive. The advantage of these traditional portals is mainly easy accessibility and a large number of different positions. However, the trend shows that even smaller job portals with a high degree of automation and the involvement of artificial intelligence are gaining space on the market.

On traditional advertising formats, it may happen that a position that would meet your expectations will wait until, for example, the 21st page, where you probably won't even click. You will lose an interesting opportunity. Modern job portals, such as, are trying to solve this very problem, which offer, in addition to traditional standards, such as sorting positions by salary or location, mainly recommending roles tailored to your resume, which save time and energy for everyone involved. Modernization in the recruitment world is based on simplicity and efficiency. In practice, this manifests itself, for example, in the way that the candidate just uploads his CV to the job portal and the portal itself will recommend and rank the most relevant offers.

"Looking for a job on old job portals is like translating foreign words using a paper dictionary instead of an online translator. You can do it and you will get what you need, it just takes a lot longer. At, we try to make the job search more pleasant and faster for candidates in a playful way. There is beauty in simplicity, which is why with us you just upload your CV, review the sorted job offers and connect with the employer in a few clicks. All this, of course, under the baton of equality of conditions and in the spirit of fair play", says country manager for Slovakia, Petr Batal.


In other words, it will no longer happen that the position tailored to your needs will be on the 21st page, as is the case with traditional portals. If you are an accountant, you will see positions such as financial accountant, payroll accountant, chief accountant, financial controller, etc. on the top pages that match your CV. If we go further in the individual sheets, then we can easily reach the position of welder, the relevance of which is zero, and therefore it is at the imaginary tail of your search. In addition to job portals, we can also find job positions on international platforms such as, or social networks or

These social platforms function as live databases in which employers not only advertise, but also search for candidates for their positions. In addition, they offer you a transparent view of the career path of employees of specific companies or colleagues in your field. For example, blogs and inspirational posts by users may come in handy, where you can find interesting advice on how to shine in the selection process, or for example, what are the current events and trends in your area of interest.

Save your time and use the "watchdog". It is a service that notifies you of new positions according to the criteria you choose. All the mentioned portals have it, and the notifications then go according to your preference via a phone application, email or SMS.

When looking for a job, do not bet on one card and be sure to choose from job offers on several platforms. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as candidate loyalty. Therefore, do not be afraid to send your resume to several places at once.

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