Routine and Boredom at Work? We're Looking for a Job That We Can Enjoy!

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The topic of work and employment is very important for many of us because we spend a significant portion of our lives at work. Many of us put a lot of effort and time into finding a job that truly excites us. However, it can happen that even the most meaningful job can turn into a routine and boring activity that doesn't satisfy us.

Perhaps you are currently in a situation where you feel stuck in a work routine or starting to feel bored at work, and you don't know what to do about it. You may be asking yourself if it's possible to find a job that truly excites you. We will try to find answers to these questions and share tips and advice on how to increase your job satisfaction and find meaning in it. So, if you are on the same wavelength and interested in finding a job that truly excites you, you are in the right place!

A unique 7-year survey by mBlue, supported by the job portal, reveals interesting findings: the main reason why people change jobs is to find a job that they will enjoy more. This finding is particularly true for employees with above-average salaries. Despite current world events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine, this trend has not changed significantly.

Every year, mBlue conducts an extensive survey among thousands of respondents who receive above-average salaries in their positions. The survey focuses on their views on the job market, motivations for changing jobs, and reasons that lead them to do so. And the results are clearer than ever - the main reason for changing jobs is to find work that is more enjoyable, innovative, and motivating.

So why is it so important for these employees to enjoy their work? One of the key factors is routine and boredom at work. Many employees with above-average salaries encounter monotony and stereotyping in their work. Repetitive tasks, lack of new challenges, and opportunities for career growth can lead to a loss of motivation and enthusiasm for their work. For these employees, it is important that their work is interesting, motivating, and offers new challenges that they will enjoy.

Another factor that influences the decision of these employees to change jobs is dissatisfaction with their superiors. The mBlue survey showed that for many employees, the relationship with their superior is a key aspect of their work life. If they feel that their superior is incompetent, does not recognize their work, or does not care about their needs and opinions, it can lead to looking for work elsewhere, where they will have a better relationship with their superior and feel appreciated for their work.

The pursuit of enjoyable employment is the goal of many people, as we spend a significant portion of our lives at work. Here are some tips that can help you find fulfilling employment in a pleasant work environment with positive relationships with superiors and opportunities for professional growth:

  • Please look for an employer who has an internal job board where they advertise the opportunity to change positions within the company and offer the possibility to participate in projects.
  • Ask what percentage of internal recruitment there is.
  • Find out if there are succession plans and programs supporting relocation abroad.
  • Reflect on your interests and values: Start by considering what truly interests you and what is important to you. What are your hobbies, what motivates you, and what would you like to do? Try to find a job that consists of activities that you enjoy and that align with your values.
  • Utilize your skills: Identify your strengths and skills and look for a job that allows you to utilize them. A job that allows you to develop your skills and talents is likely to be more motivating.
  • Thoroughly research employers: When looking for a job, look into employer ratings, company culture, and values. The work environment and positive relationships with superiors are crucial to your job satisfaction. Try to find an employer that emphasizes teamwork, employee development, and a healthy work environment.
  • Pursue your goals: Have clarity in your career goals and look for job positions that offer opportunities for professional growth. Explore whether employers offer various training programs, mentoring, or development plans for their employees.
  • Tap into your network: Utilize your professional network and ask for recommendations and advice regarding employers and job positions that may interest you. Reach out to former colleagues, friends and family, or join professional groups and communities on social media.
  • Be proactive in your job search: Don't wait for the perfect job to come to you. Be proactive.

Routines and monotony at work can be demotivating and limiting, but it is possible to find a job that truly interests us. The key is to map out our interests and values, utilize our acquired skills, thoroughly research employers, and use our professional network and an active approach to job searching to achieve our career goals. A job that we enjoy can provide us not only with joy and satisfaction from work, but also motivation, a pleasant work environment, positive relationships with superiors, and opportunities for professional growth. So don't be afraid to embark on the journey of finding a job that truly fulfills and motivates you, and improves your work life in the process.