Stand Out from the Crowd

Unconventional and Effective Employee Recruitment Methods

Employee recruitment is a key component of every business's success. In today's highly competitive market, it is important to utilize innovative methods to attract and engage new talent. There are several effective strategies that can help businesses recruit employees efficiently and in a personalized manner.


Social media has become one of the most utilized tools for employee recruitment. LinkedIn, as one of the key platforms, offers great opportunities to showcase the company and reach potential candidates. Through LinkedIn, employers can target specific groups of people and share their current job offerings. The professional nature of LinkedIn allows for reaching out to passive candidates who may be considering a job change.


In the current digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) and related tools can also be utilized. AI can assist in searching and filtering potential candidates based on specific criteria. It can also be used for personalizing communication with applicants or analyzing data to identify trends and improve recruitment strategies.


Gamification is definitely one of the more interesting approaches to recruitment. Creating interactive games or competitions allows candidates to showcase their skills and potential. Gamification can be utilized both online, such as through mobile applications, and offline, for example, at job fairs. This way, companies can generate interest among candidates and identify the most suitable ones.


Employee referral programs represent another interesting recruitment strategy. With this approach, companies can rely on recommendations from credible individuals who are familiar with the company culture and the desired qualities for specific positions. Establishing a rewards system for employee referrals can motivate current employees to actively participate in the recruitment process.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer new possibilities for recruiting. With these technologies, candidates can experience simulated work situations and gain a better understanding of what it's like to work in the company. This interactive and innovative form of presentation can be attractive to applicants and help them better grasp the company's culture and environment.


Recruiting at universities and schools is a proven strategy for acquiring young talent. Collaborating with educational institutions provides direct access to students and graduates who are often motivated and seeking career development opportunities. Organizing presentations, workshops, and career fairs at educational institutions allows companies to reach out to and engage future talents right from the start of their professional lives.


Utilizing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enables efficient management of the recruitment process. This tool facilitates tracking and managing applicants, ensuring that no candidate goes unnoticed. Additionally, direct mailing can be used to reach out to potential talents through emails and personal messages. A personalized approach and well-targeted messaging can capture candidates' interest and lead to better response rates in employee recruitment. Moreover, working with databases in combination with artificial intelligence holds great potential, which is currently underutilized by many recruiters.


Online campaigns and dedicated career websites create an effective alternative to job advertising on online portals. They can reach passive candidates and enrich your ATS database. The high benefit of online campaigns also lies in building employer branding and overall brand building for selling your services or products. If your company already has high website traffic, you can achieve about 50% of all hires directly from your career pages.


Internal hiring reduces turnover and increases loyalty. Therefore, it is essential to create an internal job portal that allows your employees not only to change positions within the company but also to participate in projects. Moreover, even if they are not successful in their applications, you will capture the first signal that they might be considering leaving the company. Certainly, we can agree that the best recruitment is not to hire, but to retain your own talents! The internal job portal will also be appreciated by mothers and fathers who are temporarily taking care of their children and plan to return to work.


Companies should utilize a combination of these innovative employee recruitment methods, tailor them to their needs and target audience of applicants. Social media, LinkedIn, gamification, employee referral programs, university recruitment, ATS utilization, direct mailing, VR/AR, and online campaigns with dedicated career websites are some of the options that can bring success in finding new talents. Standing out and engaging potential employees is a challenge that innovative approaches and technologies can effectively address.