Job Alert

Job alert feature to become your new super-saver.

Literally. With this new feature, you can now save loads of time, energy, and money, all without having to go any extra step! 

Once you create a new position in your ATS, all candidates that have previously activated the job alert feature on your Career Page, will immediately receive a notification straight to their mailbox. They instantly get to know the details about a new role within your company and can apply by clicking on a provided link.  

All our clients using the Career Page will have this feature automatically activated on their Career Pages within couple of weeks. Free of charge, without having to do anything, just simply sitting back, planning how to maximize the benefit of this smart new feature.  

And a couple of tips from us. Once you get the Job Alert activated on your Career Page let everyone know. Shout it out to the world! By gradually building a pool of job alert subscribers you increase your chances to quickly and efficiently fill-in roles with this tool. Therefore, focus on communicating this newly available feature, because the more subscribers you get the higher your chances of becoming independent in your recruitment efforts.