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The Job Portal Network offers the possibility to advertise jobs automatically and free of charge directly from your ATS/HRIS. Combined with our artificial intelligence, we aim to provide you with higher candidate relevance and build a positive candidate experience. 

Partnering with the Job Portal Network not only gives you more freedom, but our AI-powered technology also provides you with a language-independent, inclusive, bias-free recruitment experience.

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Save money - advertise for free! Customisable templates ready to implement ! No discrimination!

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"The integration of our ATS with the Job Portal took us 10 minutes, as we have up-to-date advertisements in our system. Advertising on the Job Portal happens automatically, so there is no need for any additional administration on our part. Everything is automatically updated."


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HR Business Partner for RC, CS, Deals &ASP
Head of Recruitment, People, Performance & Culture
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1. When applying one candidate's cv to multiple positions in one company, what is the cost?

If a candidate applies to multiple job postings in one calendar month, your company will only pay for 1 application or resume.

2. Can the system tell if a candidate is applying for a higher position than they should? Will the system also offer him/her a higher position?

Artificial intelligence (AI) ranks positions based on relevance. The candidate will see all advertised positions only in the order that matches his profile. Thus, he will see the higher positions on the lower rank. Whether to apply to them is purely the candidate's decision.

3. Can the system also read a cover letter or other attached letters?

We do not read the cover letter. It is only sent as an attachment to the application for the position.

4. What if we don't have an ATS? How can we advertise?

We cannot advertise without an ATS. Advertising is free. The mission of is to reduce administration and improve digitalization. You can use 50+ ATS/HRIS including Datacruit, Recruitis, Teamio (but this requires a fee), Recruitee or SucessFactors. For example, if you are recommended by Datacruit via, you will get an implementation discount. Although we plan manual input of ads in a few months. Sign up for the blog and you will be notified about it

5. What if too many CVs come in and it is expensive for us?

You can set a maximum number of CVs to limit the costs

6. How to bypass Teamio? We don't want to pay to export positions.

The price of exporting Teamio corresponds to the price of less than 2 ads on On you advertise for free. So we can say that this price is low and above all this export will ensure work-free / automated and always up-to-date ads on both job servers.

7. How is data protection ensured?

We are GDPR and CCPA compliant, we use Microsoft AZURE technology.

8. Aren't candidates afraid to upload a CV?

The job portal, like any other portal, requires you to upload a CV. The only difference is that with it is in the first step and with other portals in the last step. A large number of people have their CV publicly on linkedin. A minimum of candidates are afraid to use their CV to filter positions. The advantage is a significant improvement in displaying positions by relevance. CV insertion replaces semi-functional full-text search.

9. In what language can AI compare CVs with job postings?

A CV and a job advert can be in different languages and yet the job advert will be matched to the CV. AI also works with synonyms. I.e. e.g. programmer and developer.  

10. How do you support inclusive and unbias recruitment?
Our artificial intelligence is programmed with passion and under strict control to be fully unbiased. We do not teach the matching engine by human behavior (biased) but rely more on semantics and understanding the context of the CV and advertisement. 
No categorization of ads allows candidates to see jobs from other areas which traditional job portals would not show.