Recruitment tech-startup in the context of using AI.

In the recruitment scene, tech-startup is implementing an innovative approach to connecting employers and job seekers through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). is founded by two experienced entrepreneurs, Petr Bednařík and Milan Mahovský. Petr Bednařík is known for his company Datasentics, which he successfully sold to the global IT company ATOS last year. is also a member of the Microsoft for Startups program, which speaks to its potential and prospects in the market. An investment of 1.6 million EUR from Zero Gravity Capital, which is a high amount in the Czech and Slovak context, shows the confidence of investors in the potential of This investment can provide the necessary capital for the startup's further development and expansion into markets in Europe and beyond.

One of' main goals is to help expedite the connection between employers and job seekers through the use of artificial intelligence and automation of recruitment processes. In today's world, where the shortage of qualified employees is a significant problem for many companies, can bring new and efficient solutions. By utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, can search for and offer relevant job opportunities to candidates based on their skills, experience, and interests. This speeds up the entire recruitment process and allows employers to quickly find suitable candidates for their company.

A significant change that has introduced is free advertising on a job portal at The startup offers the opportunity to advertise job offers for free, automatically from the company's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) (e.g. Teamio, Recruitis, Datacruit, and other 40 ATS/HRIS). Companies only pay for received resumes from candidates. This model is innovative and, like advertising on the internet, where companies pay only for clicks on an ad, can be very attractive to employers who want to pay for results and not for advertising, thereby ensuring that the costs of recruiting new employees are effectively spent.

Recruitment automation, or automation of processes related to the recruitment process, is a trend that is still developing in the field of HR and recruitment. Through the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics, and process automation, startups like can bring innovation and efficiency to the traditional recruitment process.

One of the main benefits of recruitment automation is the acceleration of the entire process. With UI and ML, job advertisements on the platform can be targeted to job seekers who meet the employer's desired criteria. This allows for faster and more efficient collection of resumes and pre-selection of candidates. Automated candidate searches based on keywords, skills, or experience can also be enabled, which speeds up the process of identifying potential candidates.