How to choose a suitable ATS and what to take into account while doing so?

Hand on heart, which HR manager wouldn’t wish to have a clear, effective and successful recruitment process, and as automated as possible? It should also be in the interest of the company owner, especially at a time when recruitment becomes more demanding year after year. The key to success is not only the care in working with data, but also the complexity of the whole process and a good ATS (Applicant Tracking System), selected specifically for the needs of the company. Don't look for cheap or trendy solutions, but for one that you will fully use and will streamline your recruitment process.

What to consider when choosing your ATS?
  1. Evaluate your recruitment needs. What recruitment problems are you facing and what solutions /improvements you need? What do you expect from such a system including features? Does the company plan to grow in the future? Do you have job positions that are hard to fill? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself.
  2. The system should not only allow you to manage the incoming response from the candidate, but also allow the HR manager to react to the candidate’s response. For example, send a thank you email to the candidate for the sent CV, an invitation to interview, a notification of the selection procedure, information for onboarding, asking for feedback on the recruitment process from the candidate. Briefly, it should be focusing on innovation and agility.
  3. Select a system that matches the size of your company and your recruitment needs. The recruitment needs of a small company will be different than those of a corporate company. You will probably not need as many features as a larger company would. On the other hand, a small company can plan a rapid growth. Can you add features or upgrade?
  4. It’s necessary for a system to be user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use on a daily basis, as it saves you time and increases your productivity. And think about the candidate as well, so that it’s enjoyable and easy to use. For example, is it mobile friendly?
  5. What about reporting? Where will you be able to visualize your recruitment KPIs? What about connecting to popular BI tools?
  6. The automation of replies from different sources in one place. The system should be able to manage candidates from job portals, career pages, landing pages, agency candidates, internal transfers, referral programs, LinkedIn profiles.
  7. An easy job posting on different sources. Posting jobs from one single place to job portals, career pages etc. will be a real time-saver and bring you clarity.
  8. Present and future integration with REST API. Connection to career pages, intranet, HR system, etc.
  9. Effective candidate search in the database, e.g. full text within a CV or by labels/tags.
  10. And don't forget, how does the ATS deal with GDPR, technical support or how it handles customization?

As we have already mentioned, you should also think about the integration of the ATS and your career page, which you definitely shouldn’t ignore not only in terms of clarity but also content. How to make sure that more candidates use the career pages? One option is to have a Smart Career Page from

Why should you choose a Smart Career Page? What are its advantages?

  • You will have a relatively quick return on investment, as you will not be advertising on job portals or recruitment agencies just as much.
  • This is a complex matching tool with artificial intelligence (matching candidates with job positions).
  • The candidates will upload their CVs and he will be presented with all the relevant positions. This brings 3-5 times more CVs and builds your candidate database significantly faster.
  • The candidate’s reaction comes straight to your ATS.
  • The Job Alert feature will inform potential candidates about new job opportunities that match their experience and skills.
  • Only 3 clicks and the application is filled-in without the need of manual filling.
    The candidate takes advantages of our user-friendly and easy to use UX design.
  • Have your Smart Career Page live within 14 days of the assignment!
  • Ready to find out the solutions for your recruitment needs? Book an online live demo.