mBlue is a leading personnel and consulting company founded in 2011. They help companies to find the best talents with minimum effort by adjusting career pages to be moderated by Al and acquiring 5x more candidates. 
The newly implemented process increased the efficiency of the recruiters by 200%. 
The most painful administrative task was removed, and we made it easier for companies to start hiring anytime. 


They prepared a comparison of career pages. 

Visitor conversion at career pages was evaluated: 

  • Visitor-to-CV.
  • Visitor-to-Job Application.

Three types of career pages were compared:

  • Standard career pages with manual filtering by visitor.
  • Smart pages with the option to display open positions. 


dream.jobs solution

The type of Smart career pages with only a CV submission option - upload CV, was the most effective. The career pages had 1212 visitors, of which 180 submitted CVs and 51 job applications. Improvement applications in CV conversion were 494%. and improvement in Job Application conversion was 136%. All scenarios used the same visitor generation marketing. The testing period of this specific project took 1 month. 


mBlue Case Study (EN)

mBlue Case Study (CZ)