As an investment group focused on digital transformation and industry companies, Thein needed to save time and costs on headhunting services (25% of yearly salary per employee) to recruit the best candidates and to create and exploit synergies among its companies by sharing contacts and candidates.


Analyzing different options, Thein selected the best-fit solution: creating a centralized candidate database for all its invested companies, implementing a career page to automate and streamline their hiring process, along with an AI -powered matching engine to significantly reduce time spent on candidate search and recruitment. solution

Perfectly aligned with the tech area of Thein’s invested companies, customisable career page enabled Thein to gain 2x more resumes, save time and money throughout the recruitment process due to its comprehensive AI - powered search engine (auto-matching of candidates with job postings), seamless ATS integration (streamlining of the recruitment process), and advanced UX design (quick application process). A successful early implementation with long-term benefits on their business growth.


Thein Case Study (EN)

Thein Case Study (CZ)