“Blockers” decrease the number of CVs

We have prepared a series of articles describing the difference between conventional and smart career websites and how to turn your website’s career section from a one-way communication channel into a proactive recruitment tool.

Only 5 % of candidates send their CVs.

Nowadays, most medium-sized businesses have a dedicated recruitment section on their company website. However, the function of the career section varies significantly in different companies. Some approach their microsite as a shop window presenting their company culture. Others use the space only for a plain list of their job vacancies. In the best case, they mirror the job vacancies from the ATS system. In the worst-case scenario, the website content is administered by the recruiter manually. Generally, companies treat the career section of their website as a one-way communication channel where the information only flows outwards. A career website should also be a convenient tool for the applicants. However, that is not taken into account too much. A website career section is not a starting point to persuade job candidates to work in the company but rather a final tool to obtain their CV. In practice, though, this does not happen very often. Up to 95 % of job candidates leave career websites without sharing their contact details. But you have already invested significant money and time in building your employer brand, marketing campaigns, and working with social networks to attract the candidates to your career website. Then why do they leave the website anonymously?

Is the customer always right?

Conventional career websites do not care about user-friendliness too much. But quite often, this is the critical success factor. The more complicated the navigation of a career website is, the lower the chance is that job candidates will send their CVs to the employer. Logically, applicants are discouraged because of the significant amount of time and energy needed to navigate the website and let the employer know about themselves. Therefore, a successful career website must eliminate all the hurdles and hassles for candidates. We call these “blockers.”  The conventional career websites are full of blockers – creating an applicant profile on the website, filling in the fields to make a record in the database (and thus actually doing somebody else’s work), accepting only selected CV formats (yes, job candidates may indeed send their CV in a text file), the button to send a CV hidden ingeniously after many clicks, non-functional website responsivity (i.e., the way it is displayed on various types of devices) and many others.  

If your career website contains blockers, you have two options. You can either give a task to your IT department to design and implement a massive rehaul of your career web or outsource the existing solution for one that has the blockers eliminated. The investment will pay off compared to the high cost per candidate spent on external recruitment. 

Smart career website
Smart career website

Compared to conventional career websites, our solution for career websites is smart. Our smart career website is significantly different because it focuses on candidates and their user experience. It builds the synergy of the employer’s brand with innovative web functionalities and turns the career website into a highly effective recruitment tool. With this smart career website, the number of received CVs increases by 300 %. A candidate needs just three clicks to apply for a position. Artificial intelligence will select the most relevant jobs for them, and the candidate’s data are instantly exported to ATS, along with the applicant’s data privacy consent. Even if the candidate is short of time, with just one click, they can leave their contact details in the form of a CV or their LinkedIn profile, which substitutes a structured CV for many people nowadays.

In dream.jobs, we developed a smart career website solution cooperating with Datasentics, an ATOS company, and Microsoft for Startups. Our solution does not require any programming. It has already been integrated with multiple recruitment software packages and can be launched within several days.  

Our mission is to connect job applicants and employers in a simple, seamless but engaging way, respecting applicants’ preferences and employers’ timing. If there is no suitable job for a candidate at this moment, get their contact details and get back to them when such a job is posted. And do it all without the complicated administration procedures of recording candidates manually in your ATS. Finally, we can read and process more than 100 languages and handle the CVs of candidates from all over the world.  

Please stay tuned. In the following article, we’ll talk about even more benefits. If you do not want to wait, call us straight away. We will be happy to tell you more. 😊