What soft skills does a modern Recruiter have?

A quality Recruiter is a company's business card! He is the main link between candidates and your company; he communicates with all stakeholders; he attracts the necessary talents and relevant people to the company. Often the recruitment of such a person is underestimated, we only look at whether he can communicate well and has a pleasant speech, but that is far from enough these days. In the era of digitization, automation, and accelerated and competitive times, everyone must have a little bit of everything to be successful! So, what to focus on when hiring a Recruiter?


  • He can listen actively, which will help him "gauge" the candidate.
  • He can communicate naturally and choose the appropriate language to encourage the candidate in the recruitment process.
  • Can understand non-verbal cues.
  • Can ask questions correctly and discern the necessary information and then evaluate it.
  • Can give feedback and has appropriate empathy.
  • Can appropriately involve other parties in the recruitment process (hiring manager, team members...).
  • Can be a partner for the hiring manager and advise him on how to define the position. Earn his respect.


  • Has an eye for detail. He notices little things that can play an important role in the outcome.
  • Can accurately remember important information about a candidate, such as skills, career experience, or vice versa.
  • Can evaluate the correctness of the candidate's claims.
  • Can evaluate a candidate's potential.
  • He understands the available position and can find the right candidate.
  • Can be a partner for the hiring manager and advise him on how to define the position. He can get the hiring manager to self-reflect if he has unrealistic ideas.


Time Management
  • Can identify priority tasks and candidates.
  • Able to meet agreed deadlines and respond to changes.


Analytical thinking
  • Understands the importance of reports in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). He can orient himself in them and, thanks to this, adjust the recruitment strategy as needed.