Top 5 digital tools for more effective recruitment

To compete in HR, you must be ready to innovate, update and digitize your recruitment process. Why digitize? Many tools available today will save you the time to focus on candidate experience and recruitment strategy and focus on your employees without being overwhelmed by unnecessary administration. Learn more about what soft skills does a modern Recruiter have?

What are digital recruitment tools?

They are software or online applications that help you take the manual administrative work out of the process. They use technology to help you improve recruitment, from advertising to candidate assessment and management, with the resulting reporting. 

  1. ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
    ATS is a software application that simplifies recruitment by automating tasks such as posting jobs, scheduling interviews, communicating with candidates, etc. It can streamline the entire recruitment process. You collect data in one place. How to choose the right ATS? Locally popular ones include Recruitis, Recruitee, and Datacruit.
  2. Social media
    Social media can be used to find potential candidates and reach out to collaborate. You can search and reach out to suitable candidates on LinkedIn (even without the paid version of Recruiter). Popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can be used for PPC campaigns. Consider what your target audience might like using daily. Millennials and Generation Z expect you to share open positions and your company culture on social media. Social media can help you attract even passive candidates. Choose company ambassadors who will discuss brand values and culture on their social media channels to attract like-minded candidates.

  3. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Chatbots
    AI is the most significant innovation and trend in recruitment in recent times. A part of HR professionals is worried about losing their jobs. Their job will remain, just slightly diverse towards other activities. Conversely, AI can simplify our jobs by helping us with many tasks already. Incorporating AI into your recruitment process through an ATS will allow you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by automating the process. For example, it can help you pair a candidate's CV with an open position and screen CVs against criteria. We can help you how to do this:

    A recruitment chatbot is a simple application that can ensure excellent communication between a potential candidate and your company. It works on a messaging basis on your website. It can answer questions around the clock, whether it's FAQs about the job or information about your company, and provide feedback and company updates. 

  4. Careers page
    You're battling the competition for candidates; whoever offers the best candidate experience wins. You have much more control over the candidate's journey on a career site. You can measure everything and choose your recruitment strategy. You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Read more about career website.

  5. Video interviewing platform
    This is already a standard part of the recruitment process, saving time and travel costs. The most used are Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, which also offer other tools within the application (file storage options, chat, calendar, and more). More advanced ATS has integrated video interview tools even for recording of the interview based on predesigned questions. Other ATS has got plugins to independent solutions.
    To boost your recruitment your objective is to establish a comprehensive interconnected ecosystem that automates routine operations. It is crucial to identify digital tools that align with your requirements. It's essential that these tools are capable of seamless communication with each other to avoid using multiple disconnected applications that require constant data duplication. Hence, it's imperative to search for tools and solutions that can integrate with your existing or future systems and ensure data integrity. For instance, this could involve placing a job advertisement in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and simultaneously posting the position on your career page, Facebook, and job portal. Candidates can then respond through the various channels listed, and their information or above mentioned interview recording is automatically captured in the ATS. It should also allow scheduling of interviews, emailing and reporting directly within the ATS.